Became a Mobile Developer as an Intern

We were required to undergo a 6 months of Internship Training during our last semester of Bachelor of Computer Science Degree in University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. This was August 2013 and it was compulsory and several credits were given and with the completion of the training period the general degree was to be completed. I was interviewed and got selected to a local company…

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First Industrial Visit

We, the first batch of Bachelor of Computer Science degree program at University of Ruhuna took part in the industry visit to IFS, one of the leading software development companies in the world on 21/10/2011 as a result of commitment of the Department of Computer Science.That was a remarkable day, not only for us but also for the Department of Computer Science and as well as for the IFS.Read More »

Aim High – Willingness to IT is waiting to take off

You are traveling by a bus. You buy the ticket from the conductor. He issues you, a ticket with an Electronic Ticketing machine. You are going to the food city, on your way home, and settle your bill for the data connection, provided by your ISP, through their online payment system, where your account gets immediately updated. You search in e-bay and order items and pay by your credit card while you are at your home. You watch your favorite 3D movie in your home theater system. You call your dad who is working in USA with Skype.

Seriously, did you ever imagine such things to be experienced, some good ten years back? What is this? Everything is becoming to be at your fingertips! It’ is all about IT. This is the era of IT.Read More »